Soulfly tickets in Westland, MI: May 03, 2018, 6:00PM

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6:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile The Token Lounge
Westland, MI

On May 03, 2018 Soulfly will have a concert in Westland, MI at The Token Lounge

Soulfly will be agile to perform in front of their U.S. fans with a new power! Soulfly musical performance in Westland, MI promises to be special, because giant of alternative metal will play full-fledged concert show.

Soulfly Westland, MI concert will be held as part of a big USA “From the Amazon to the Nile” tour

A awe-inspiring show with a great sound and light one and a half hours Soulfly set concert by all means to not leave emotionless any personage. Despite the fact that was create many bands that perform thrash-metal, Soulfly is dominant cult For them great career, Soulfly has released countless releases with legendary hits, which we give attention with kindness.

Soulfly is the base origin of inspiration for endless existing composer who aspire to sound similar like Soulfly. Soulfly rockfest in Westland, MI is not to be forgotten. Such legendary musical gig are not time after time held in United States of America. The creators of metal in US tour attended Westland, MI. Legends will play to the US fans their best top songs like a No and other. Soulfly musical gig in Westland, MI is a especial possibility to be a witness how the Soulfly live on their rockfest. Guaranteed, you can not compare a live concert with music video and music CDs. A live show of Soulfly will offer you more sense.

Soulfly Westland tickets

The citizens of Westland, MI have the option to be a witness a live musical gig of the legend of thrash-metal. You must bribe Soulfly tickets beforehand. When such massive events occur in Westland, MI with the snatch up of tickets should not be stay.You can purchase Soulfly tickets, this is the ordinary way to be in the one place with a world-class musical group. Rush, tickets for Soulfly in Westland, MI are quick sold out

Soulfly Westland concert at The Token Lounge

Since 1971, this cozy & energetic lounge has hosted live rock shows with local & national musicians.
28949 Joy Rd, Westland, MI 48185, USA

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