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7:15 PM
Soulfly & Nile Diamond Pub & Billiards
Louisville, KY
6:30 PM
Soulfly & Nile Rams Head Live
Baltimore, MD
6:30 PM
Soulfly & Nile Gramercy Theatre
New York, NY
6:30 PM
Soulfly & Nile The Chance Theater – NY
Poughkeepsie, NY
6:30 PM
Soulfly & Nile Underground Arts
Philadelphia, PA
7:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile The Firmament
Greenville, SC
6:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile Kelsey Theater – FL
West Palm Beach, FL
6:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile Hell Stage at Masquerade – GA
Atlanta, GA
6:30 PM
Soulfly & Nile The Concourse at The International
Knoxville, TN
6:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile The Token Lounge
Westland, MI
6:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile Agora Theatre
Cleveland, OH
5:30 PM
Soulfly & Nile Oddbody’s
Dayton, OH
6:30 PM
Soulfly The Forge
Joliet, IL
6:30 PM
Soulfly & Nile Turner Hall Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI
7:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile Riot Room
Kansas City, MO
6:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile Hermans Hideaway
Denver, CO
6:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile Metro Music Hall
Salt Lake City, UT
6:30 PM
Soulfly & Nile Hawthorne Theatre
Portland, OR
8:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile The UC Theatre
Berkeley, CA
7:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile Whisky A Go Go
West Hollywood, CA
8:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile The Grove of Anaheim
Anaheim, CA
6:15 PM
Soulfly Marquee Theatre – AZ
Tempe, AZ
6:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile The El Rey Theater – NM
Albuquerque, NM
8:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile Trees
Dallas, TX
6:00 PM
Soulfly & Nile The Rock Box – TX
San Antonio, TX

SoulFly History

“The hardest part was to realize that we would have to live on without Sepultura.” It was necessary to find people close to the spirit who would help me survive, “Max Cavalera recalled the events of late 1996. “The last thing I was going to do was quit the music.”

Soulfly – the new ultra-heavy band of vocalist, guitarist and composer Max Cavalera, remains in the ring of the best alternative metal bands on the modern scene.

The whole path life and the impressive career of Max Cavalera is the result of his unshakable belief that he can not surrender under any circumstances. When as a teenager, together with his brother Igor Cavalera, he created the heavy metal band Sepultura, who made a coup in Brazilian

early sepultura

and then in world rock music, he still did not know what resistance to local traditions he would have to overcome. A temperamental guitarist and composer, he played with his bandmates a special kind of brutal, grim heavy metal that was a success anywhere except Brazil. Despite the atmosphere of provincialism and too little support at home, the lack of contacts with the big world and the disregard of the media, Sepultura managed to break into the international arena and become not just the most famous rock band in Brazil, but also one of the most popular and authoritative heavy rock bands of the 90’s. Innovative albums “Chaos A.D.” (1993) and Roots (1996) confirmed the superiority of Sepultura in the crossing of heavy rock and ethnic music.

However, for ten years of existence marked by the publication of six albums and a breakthrough to the world market, Brazilian musicians have accumulated not only colossal experience and several divisions of fans, but also fatigue, discontent, divergence of views. When the creative and financial disagreements reached a critical point, Max had no choice but to leave the group.

Сreation of SoulFly

The growing conflict in the group coincided with the tragic death of the adopted son of Cavalera Dana Wells, with whom Max had a very warm, trusting relationship. The murder of the boy, who remained undiscovered, deeply shocked the musician.

Cavalera had to cope with two losses at once. But 26 years – is not the age when you can drop your hands, especially the vocalist and guitarist, who passed this way. In January 1997, Max Cavalera begins to search for musicians, who will form the backbone of his new band Soulfly. “This band helped me to overcome a very difficult period in my life,” Max admitted later. “Without Soulfly, It would be ten times difficult.”

Music has always helped me get rid of stress and deal with oppressive situations. ”

With the musicians, Cavalera was extremely lucky. The last thing he wanted was to surround himself with celebrities who would give his project a halo of starry.

He found people who understood perfectly what goals they were facing, loved the music they played most of all, and “did not worry about minor things.” The first to join Max was Roy “Rata” Mayorga (Roy “Rata” Mayorga), the former drummer of the New York punk band Thorn, already known by this time as the author of remixes with experience of producing work. Then there was a longtime acquaintance of Cavalera Marcello D. Rapp, who accompanied Sepultura on many tours and was accepted as a bass player. Finally, came the fourth participant – another guitarist Jackson Bandier (Jackson Bandeira), who played in the beloved Brazilian group Max Chico Scienc. Unfortunately, after the death of the frontman, the future of Chico Scienc looked very dubious. But it allowed Jackson to participate in the new beginning of Max Cavalera, bringing his own style of play and a lot of new ideas.

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First SoulFly album

The collaboration of such colorful talents and bright individuals in one collective was directly reflected in the sound of the band, with which they introduced the fans already on the debut album “Soulfly”, published in 1998.

Fans of the monstrously heavy sound, which Cavalera sought as part of Sepultura, were not disappointed: the main “chip” – the firm power and aggression of the Cavalera – remained intact.

About the break with the previous band resembled only one song “Eye For an Eye”, a very straightforward, open, cruel and tough thing.

The Brazilian roots of the group responded to the songs in Portuguese “Umbabarauma”. At the same time, the musician resolutely continued to expand his musical dictionary. For example, in the track “Bumba” he first tried to play with samples, which he dreamed about for more than a year.

“Of course, people expect to hear a resemblance to Sepultura, if only because of the voice, because I did not change the vocal style,” commented Max.

They will find the same riffs, the same exotic sounds as in the Sepultura music. the album “Soulfly” surpasses everything I’ve done before. ” Exceeds at least by the number of invited performers who have visited the studio. There are dozens of musicians: participants in Deftones, Fear Factory, Limp Bizkit, Cypress Hill, Chico Science and other groups. And produced “Soulfly” Ross Robinson (Ross Robinson), who took care of Sepultura while working on the album “Roots”.

As a reciprocal friendly gesture Cavalera participated in the recording of the new album of his good friends Deftones “Around the Fur”. And at the peak of the corporate tradition of the metal commune recorded a jingle for the commercial “Sprite”, intended for the Brazilian market. But one of the most important manifestations of his violent temperament was the role of the speaker on behalf of the musical community. His thoughtful, inspirational speeches delivered at the CMJ’s New Music Marathon festivals in New York and the Crossing Boarder in Holland made a strong impression on the listeners.

Immediately after the end of the studio sessions in 1998, the team left Bandier, who decided to return to Brazil. The new guitarist Soulfly was Logan Mader, just said goodbye to the group Machine Head. Cavalera appreciated him not only as a musician, but also as a friend of his deceased stepson and a close-minded person. In the updated line-up Soulfly went to introduce the fans to their work. Leading rock festivals in Europe and special metal gatherings in the United States gladly provided the scene to the Cavalera team. For the festival summer was followed by a long headliner tour of America.

Another success

In the fall of 2000, Soulfly introduced the second long play “Primitive”. Critics met the release ambiguously, noting that “if the raunchy Sepultura albums” Arise “and especially the” Roots “have overcome the standard metal cliches, opening up new aesthetic horizons, then the recordings like” Primitive “resemble an occasional collage composed of different styles, which are not always organically combined. ” A pleasant surprise for the listeners was the track “Son Song”, an unexpectedly bright duet with Sean Lennon, and the final song “Flyhigh” with female vocals and a sharp guitar groove.

And yet many fans of the team reacted to the album sharply negative. A large number of invited musicians and especially texts in the spirit of numetall aroused strong disapproval. Cavalier managed to partially rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the most determined opponents, having passed with a large-scale tour in support of the album “Primitive”. He even managed to restore the location of the assembled was to leave Roy Mayorga. And on a commercial scale, the massive tour was reflected in the most pleasant way. If the debut CD “Soulfly” stopped at the back of the American Top 100, then “Primitive” rose to 32 line of the chart.

Beginning to record the third album “III” (2002), Soulfly decided to abandon the long list of invited guests, relying, if possible, on their own, and considerable, talents. However, these talents were enough for about half the album – exactly five uniquely strong tracks that saved “Soulfly III” from failure. The quintessence of this work is an 8-minute epic work “Tree of Pain”: magnificent female vocals, an impressive acoustic introduction, heartbreaking cries of Max Cavalera. Fit it tracks “One Nation”, “Brasil”, “Call to Arms”. However, the album as a whole looks like a not very convincing search for a talented musician, who lost the goal and rushes in the most unexpected directions.

According to the tradition, in just two years the fourth long-play Soulfly “Prophecy” (2004) was released.

This time, the opinions of critics and the respectable public are fundamentally divided. The album barely reached 82 lines in the rating of The Billboard 200 (this is the worst figure in the history of the group), but the reviewers favorably returned the frontman Bob Marley’s title of heavy metal. The experimental excitement of Cavalera, who managed to populate the record with Caribbean percussion, the Serbian ensemble, the organ and a host of other ingredients, did not prevent him from attaching this pattern to harmonious, convincing ligaments.

And Max Cavalera himself, who survived a serious crisis in the mid-1990s, looks today as a person living in harmony with himself. There are not so many musicians, especially in the shop of ultra-heavyweights, who are ready to subscribe to such a characteristic: “I enjoy music, I love what I do, I respect the people who surround me, I respect women, I love my family very much.”

In 2005, Soulfly released the album “Dark Ages”.

2008 – Soulfly: “Conquer”

2010 – Soulfly: “Omen”

2012 – Soulfly: “Enslaved”

2013 – Soulfly: “Savages”

2015 – Soulfly: “Archangel”

SoulFly “From the Amazon to the Nile Tour”

The band, while taking a break and almost 3 years, did not release new albums. But do not get upset because they will try to satisfy as many fans as possible with their live concerts.

From April to May 2018 in the US, Soulfly will give a series of live concerts as part of the “From the Amazon to the Nile Tour”.
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